Social Business Collaboration Software and Email

For most companies, email is still the richest data set in the enterprise. Experts estimate employees spend over 2.5 hours sending and receiving email messages every day. Along the way, they create the biggest of Big Data sets -- filled with real knowledge about your company. Social business software tools like Jive, Sharepoint, and Yammer can be incredibly valuable for many types of communication, but the truth is email still contains a wealth of information about your employees, partners, and customers. Is this information getting captured, stored, and routed into the right location? Or is key information getting lost?

Don't launch yet another app. Instead, leverage the social business software investments you've already made. Obindo was built with a central, driving design focus: don't impact workflow. Your employees don't have the time to learn a new system, and you don't have the time or resources to maintain and support yet another service. So don't. Obindo makes it so that your employees can use their email to interact with their favorite apps, from Dropbox to Yammer and everything in-between. Obindo training can begin and end with a simple sentence: if you can send an email, you can use Obindo.

Delight your employees with more power and flexibility. While still reducing complexity. Obindo is one of the simplest services on the planet to use. But that doesn't mean that it lacks power or flexibility. You can quickly extend Obindo's inbound email processing engine to parse, extract, and route information into nearly any app, third-party or in-house.

Empower your employees while maintaining control. The founders of Obindo have decades of enterprise social networking experience in their DNA. We know that enterprise apps don't live alone, but in a landscape of other apps. That's why Obindo was built to work with existing authentication schemes such as OAuth2. Your employees can send emails to their apps -- while you continue to manage access to those apps just as you always did.